Caboose Donations

The Caboose Thrift Shop would like to sincerely thank everyone who donates items.  Our annual sales dollars are a large contributor to the Church budget.

Since the closing of the local Goodwill and Salvation Army locations, we are receiving more and more donations, and many are now being left outside when our shop is closed.  While the increased donations may seem like a good thing, there are reasons for concern.  If donations are left when the shop is closed, first, it is just unsightly.  Second, they can become damaged by the weather or animals getting into the bags.  Lastly, we are receiving many items that are just not saleable – torn, dirty, stained, broken, etc.  All these items must be disposed of in our dumpster, adding costs to our church.

We are asking you to only bring donations during our Caboose business hours, Friday, and Saturday, 10 AM – 2 PM.  All items must be in good, clean, and working condition.  If you wouldn’t use it, wear it, or eat out of it, please don’t donate it!  If you are in need of other places to donate your items, there are boxes located at the St. Thomas parking lot; the Salvation Army bin on the property of Palmer Ambulance; behind the gas station near the town administration building, and in the parking lot of Crossway Christian Church on Main St. Three Rivers.  We will be installing a sign and cameras within the next few weeks to monitor the Caboose. We are sorry we have to go to these lengths, but it has become necessary to be more strict with our donation process.

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