Benefits of Membership

Becoming an actual member of Second Church typically happens after two Membership Orientation Classes with the Pastor and Board of Diaconate Affairs .  Joining involves a ritual during worship, making a commitment to God and to the Congregation.

The benefits of membership are several.  First, your commitment to the congregation is mirrored in the ritual by their commitment to you.  This church becomes your “faith family” who will stand by you in good times as in challenging times.  You will have the opportunity to do the same in return.

Also, you will become a part of the history of God’s work in the world through Jesus Christ.  You will be part of a stream of love that flows around the church, the town and the world.  You will join the saints who have gone before us, and you will make it possible for the saints who shall follow us.

As an active member, you will be able to be a full participant on committees and teams, including having a voice and vote at our yearly Annual Meeting.

There are many ways to get involved as a member of Second Congregational! Share your time and talent through any of the many committees or groups that provide care and outreach to our church family and the surrounding community.

Wonder what we’re talking about? Here’s a list of some of the ways you can volunteer:

  • Volunteer as an usher/greeter
  • Sing in the Chancel voice choir
  • Play in the Bell choir
  • Teach Sunday School
  • Host Fellowship Hour
  • Work in the Caboose Thrift Shop
  • Volunteer as a church officer or committee member

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