Kitchen & Dining Room


NOTICE: The kitchen is currently being updated and is not available. Look to “The Arrow” newsletter, this website, or call the church office at (413) 283-6958.

Accessibility: the Dining Room and Kitchen of Second Congregational church is completely accessible by our full-service elevator.  Everyone is welcome!

The Dining Room also has the tables, chairs and silverware necessary to seat 200 people for a meal. New chairs and tables will be arriving soon.

The Kitchen at Second Church has two large ovens, a small oven, and considerable stove space.  There is also a double sink, an industrial quality dishwasher, counter space, and all the implements necessary to stage a quality dinner or lunch (which is the only kind we’ll serve!).  We have the pots, pans, knives, ladles, slotted spoons, cutting boards, pitchers, and so on, that are necessary for the enjoyable process of making and serving food.  Our facility is also equipped to clean and store all tools and implements.

dining-room_smWe also have a double-wide refrigerator and two freezers to keep food safe and fresh until it is used.

By law, all food served at Second Congregational Church is prepared and served in accordance with ServSafe guidelines and with appropriate supervision.

Call us at (413) 283-6958 for more information.