Holy Communion

communion_smAt Second Congregational Church, we celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month as part of our regular worship service.  With Baptism, it is one of the two sacraments that are part of our faith tradition.  We believe that when we gather together and consecrate the bread and cup, Christ is present.

Everyone is invited to receive the bread and the cup (grape juice) at Second Congregational Church. You do not have to be a member of this church or baptized or even certain of your faith. If you seek to draw closer to God, this table is spread for you!

Everyone receives Holy Communion in their seats. First, trays of bread cubes are distributed from the table at the front of the sanctuary. You are invited to take a piece of the bread and hold onto it until everyone is served. The pastor will then invite you to consume the bread. Then trays of small individual cups of grape juice are distributed. Again, simply take a cup from the tray and hold it until everyone is served, at which point the pastor will invited you to consume the grape juice.

You are invited to the table as Christ’s guest!