Use of Facilities Policy

Second Congregational Church
Use of Facilities Policy

I. General

 A. All arrangements for use of church facilities are to be made through the church office during regular office hours (413-283-6958).
B. Access to either building should be arranged with the church office or custodian prior to use.  Get key if necessary with $25.00 refundable deposit when returned.
C. All individuals using church facilities, including church members using the facilities for private purposes, and groups, shall be informed of building rental policy and must sign a tenancy agreement prepared by the church.  No individual, group, or organization conducting activities directly related to the church need sign a tenancy agreement.
D. To insure compliance with all regulations, outside individuals and groups using any of the church facilities must have one person responsible to the church.  That person’s name must appear on the signed tenancy agreement. (See Section I, C above)
E. Individuals and groups must turn out all lights and lock all outside doors after use of the facilities.
F. All individuals and groups using church facilities must leave them in the same condition in which they found them (appliances, furniture, dishes, etc.).  Things must be clean and in their proper place.  A vacuum is available in the boiler room.  If the facilities are not cleaned or are left in disrepair, a $75 cleaning charge will be assessed. Compensation for any damaged property will be assessed.
G. All areas of the church not being officially rented/used are off limits.  This includes, but is not limited to the sanctuary, nursery, classrooms, thrift shop, and material aids room.  Also, pianos, organs, and other musical instruments are off limits.
H. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on church premises – Meetinghouse (the church building) or Church House.
I. Smoking is not allowed in church buildings.  Smoking out of doors must be at least ten (10) feet away from any exit.
J. All outside groups/organizations shall be properly insured by their appropriate judicatory, and must submit a copy of proof of insurance upon signing the tenancy agreement (See section I, C above).
K. No church property shall be removed from the premises by private groups, individuals or church members at any time. In rare circumstances permission may be granted on a case by case basis.  Any request to do so must be made in writing to the Executive Council.  Church groups or members using items for church use/activities only may remove them so long as they are returned promptly, and are signed out in the book in the church office during regular business hours.
L. Individuals/groups/organizations not complying with this policy will be subject to future prohibitive use of church facilities by decision of Executive Council.
M. When facilities are in use by any individual or groups, fire exits shall never be blocked.

II. The Meetinghouse

 A. The Sanctuary is to be used for religious purposes.  Any other use must receive prior approval of the Executive Council.
B. No food is allowed in the Sanctuary or Heritage Room.
C. Outside individuals and groups using kitchen facilities must provide their own dish towels.  Any breakage must be reported to the church office. The responsible individual, group or organization is liable for such breakage and loss.

III. Fees

A. General
1. There will be no charge for use of the facilities by individuals, groups, or organizations related to the church when using them for church purposes.
2. Fees, as set forth below, (sections III B, C, and D) will be levied for the use of church facilities on church members or outside organizations if such use is either for personal use or incurs a profit for the member(s) or organization.
3. There will be no charge for the use of the facilities by organizations that are non-profit, and/or serve the community, and/or provide a public service, except for fundraising/profit making activities by those organizations including dances, dinners, etc. Certain exceptions may be made.  However, all fund raising activities by church and outside groups must be approved by the Executive Council.  A fee will be assessed at the discretion of the Executive Council according to sections B & C below depending on the type of fundraiser.
4. Long term (per week, month, etc.) user fees will be determined by the Board of Property Affairs, based on the fees set forth below for for profit groups and individuals conducting for profit activities.

B. Meetinghouse fees
1. For wedding ceremonies including Sanctuary, Heritage Room for Bridal party, and Norman Room for receiving line: members or their children, $75.00; inactive members, non-members, and former members, $125.00.
2. Use of Heritage Room     25.00
3. Use of Norman Room     50.00
With upstairs kitchenette    75.00
4. Use of Dining Room and Kitchen (legal Capacity 245)  150.00
5. Funeral Service. Use of sanctuary (inactive, non-member, or former member) 125.00
6. Private function by member. Use of dining
Room and kitchen, or Norman Room.  75.00

C.  Custodian Fees (if requested or required)  75.00

D. Refundable deposit for key (see I B above)  25.00

E. For Profit Entities, per use    75.00

Revised by Executive Council 04/12/12