Resuming In-Person Worship?

At Executive Council (EC) last Thursday, we acted upon the recommendation of the Diaconate to consider restarting in-person worship with the possible date being September 13. The EC appointed a committee of seven to explore and prepare for this possibility. Moderator Barbara Larkin along with Bob Willis and John Auchter will represent the EC in this process. Three Deacons will also serve, as will Rev. Bruce. This committee will explore every possible angle prior to making a recommendation about when or if to restart worship: the course of the pandemic as the time draws closer (locally, statewide and nationwide), health and safety concerns, cleanliness and sanitation, limitations and changes to the worship service, seating, etc.  The committee will also take into account recommendations from the Southern New England Conference of the UCC, the national offices of the UCC, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Centers for Disease Control. Other sources of information will be considered when relevant. The first and highest priority will be the safety of our church members and friends. Updates will be made through the Arrow.  Our last worship service was March 8. That was less than three months ago. The possible date of September 13 is more than three months in the future. As we have seen, a LOT can change in that amount of time!


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