Our Faith Helps Us to Make Our Life Decisions

Dear Members and Friends of the Second Congregational Church,

As we prepare for the Faith and Promise Sunday on October 27th and contemplate what our annual contribution should be, we remember that we are a “People of the Way.” We follow Jesus for our hopes and inspiration and how we live our lives. Individually we do acts of kindness and mercy every day, many times unknown to anyone, as we follow Jesus and what he has taught us. Individually we pray and act against injustice and in defense of what is morally and ethically just, because we follow Jesus. Individually we try to lead our lives in search of joy and peace, because we follow Jesus.

Even in doing so, we make mistakes. We are sometimes unkind to those who are closest to us. We pass by the stranger in need. We are often too tired from our long day to feel joy, sometimes too lonely to feel charitable toward others. We are all too human.

But, because we are “People of the Way” who follow Jesus, we have a church, the Second Congregational Church, where we can come together to worship, to be comforted, to experience joy, to learn the history of our faith, and to be a people of God. It is here that collectively we can be a people of faith, hope, justice and mercy. When we cannot do it all ourselves, we can follow Jesus together. It is here, in this church, when we are tired or lonely, we feel the love of friends, experience acts of kindness, and become open to a life that includes joy and forgiveness and peace. At the Second Congregational Church, we, people of the Resurrection, work together to bring love, joy, peace, justice and mercy to each other and to the world.

As you think about how this church holds you up, helps others, and spreads the message of hope to the community and the world, please consider how important this incredible church is to your life and the lives of others. It will help you make decisions about your contributions, and of your time and talents this coming year.

With thanks and peace,

Your Stewardship Committee

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