For approximately the last two years,  the agenda of the Executive Council has              included an Essential Question within the first five minutes of the meeting.  Its purpose is to set a mood of reflection possibly relating to the major topics to be discussed, the secular or liturgical time of the year, the whim of the moderator, or the direction in which the council is working on behalf of the church. Below is a sampling of those essential questions for you to ponder or reflect upon. If you would like to share your thoughts or answers with me, you can email me at, call me at 283-3059 or speak with me privately after church.  Not only would I enjoy hearing from you but your sharing will assist and inform the council in fulfilling our duties on behalf of you while serving God through Second Congregational Church.

What is your motivation to serve others?
If we were to close our doors today, from whom would we hear and what would they say?
On a scale from 1-5, how receptive is our church to change?
He is risen, now what?
Is the church on track of being relevant, stable and viable?
Where are we bearing fruit? Where do we need to be pruned?
Where are the places in your life which naturally intersect with persons in need of the Good News? How do you react/respond?
What brings people to Second Congregational Church?
What difference does being a Christian make in your life?
If asked, what would you say about Second Congregational Church?
What three things keep you from having a relationship with God?
Why does evangelism matter?
How do you keep your faith in God in challenging times?
To what ends am I willing …?
And one last one that Bruce posed to us through song during his sermon on March 31st – What if God was one of us?

In His Care and Service,


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