Sanctuary and Church Upgrades

You will be noticing changes in the sanctuary in the next week! They will be in the equipment we use to record our worship services for M-PACT as well as the sound amplification system within the sanctuary. The most visible changes will be for the recording of our services. The tripod camera will soon disappear. We now have FOUR cameras mounted on the walls, and we have a desk where our recording will be managed with more sophisticated equipment. You will likely notice the additional wiring as part of these improvements. Part of one of the rear pews was removed to make sure that access was maintained. These improvements have been installed by Bruce Henriques of M-PACT, assisted by a volunteer. They are being paid for by Women’s Fellowship.

We will also be finishing the upgrade to our sanctuary sound system that began a little over two years ago. This is the system that provides the sound you hear while sitting in the pews. As many of you have seen, Rev. Bruce now wears a microphone that picks up his voice from very close. Several people have commented on the improved sound quality from that alone! We will also have new speakers that will be mounted up in the woodwork in the front of the sanctuary, speakers for the choir, a new microphone over the piano/choir, a new hand-held microphone, re-connecting the speaker on the ceiling of the Norman Room, wiring in the pulpit to allow playing sound from a phone/laptop/pad over the speakers, and new amplification equipment that will bring all of this together. This is being paid for by a private donation and installed by Michael Moscatelli of Small Town Sound and Photo, located in Warren.

A final improvement that you will be noticing in the near future is new lighting through almost the entire church building. This will include new fixtures for more light in the Norman Room as well as new LED lights and a small number of other fixtures throughout the rest of the church. This also has been paid for by a private donation.

All of these (and the supportive donors) will be recognized, and the improvements themselves dedicated to the glory of God when they are all in place. We are deeply grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of the donors!

Thank You
Take note of the new signage around the church (restooms, exits) these were a donation from Missy Delargy and her husband. We Thank them for helping in our ongoing efforts to spruce up the place! 


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