Christmas Fund Offering

For 117 years, the Christmas Fund for the Veterans of the Cross and the Emergency Fund has been a tangible expression of God’s love. One of the four Special Mission Offerings of the United Church of Christ, the Christmas Fund provides UCC congregations and members an opportunity to reach out in loving compassion, providing assistance to those who have so faithfully served our Church and who now find themselves facing unexpected financial needs.                   

One of the unique aspects of the Christmas Fund is it provides direct financial assistance to individual UCC clergy and lay church employees; the funds do not support programs or institutions, but people. With your continued generosity, more individuals will receive the support of the Church in their time of need.

*Monthly Pension Supplementation for 424 lower-income retired UCC clergy and lay employees. Our retired clergy and lay employees rely on this income supplementation for basic needs such as food, utilities, and living and medical expenses. Funds to meet this need come from three sources: the Christmas Fund Offering, our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), and the Ministerial Assistance Fund. The amount of pension supplementation totaled $1,513,602 in 2017.

*Quarterly Health Premium supplementation for 210 lower-income retired UCC clergy and lay employees. Theses funds subsidize premiums for the UCC medicare Supplement Plan with RX so that individuals can afford and receive quality health care. In 2017, assistance totaled $492,863.

*Christmas “Thank You” gift checks given to 477 retired UCC clergy and lay employees. This special gift at Christmas time reminds these Veterans of the Cross that they have not been forgotten and that the Church is grateful for their service. Gifts totaled $228,300 in 2017.

*Emergency Grants for 384 active/retired UCC clergy and lay employees. Sometimes those who serve the Church need our help. Emergency funds are available to assist in covering costs that arise unexpectedly-for example, large medical expenses, or home damage resulting from natural disasters. Emergency assistance in 2017 totaled $136,012.

Offering envelopes will be provided in the pews on Sundays during December, as well as attached to this Arrow. Please leave your donation in Sunday’s offering plate or return to the church office. Thank You!

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