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As many of you know, Second Congregational Church is the charter organization for Boy Scout Pack and Troop #164, and we also allow three Girl Scout troops, Daisy through Cadets, to use our building for their meetings. I recently  received an email from Monique Williams who is a Boy Scout leader and affiliated with both the Boy Scout pack and the troop. She shared with me what the scouts and Explorers have been doing. They served a community dinner at St. Thomas Church on a recent Wednesday. The pack (younger scouts) held a recruitment event at the Palmer Public Library. The Boy Scouts and The Explorer unit participated in an emergency preparedness field exercise. They performed a grid search for a lost leader, assessed the leader’s injuries, and then built their own make shift stretcher to carry the leader a half mile down the road to where an ambulance could asses the victim. Photos from this event have been posted to out church’s Facebook page. The Girl Scouts have started their year also and we look forward to hearing of their program events. If you were in church on September 16th, you heard Bruce’s sermon about children and our duty in providing a safe future for them. Second Congregational Church is answering that call by supporting these scouting programs.

B. Zelazo


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