SURVEY – The Arrow

Please take a few minutes to think about The Arrow as part of Second Congregational Church’s Outreach to our members, family and friends. When you have completed the survey, please leave it in the box in the back of the Norman Room labeled “Survey”. We’d like the completed survey by October 14th. Our youth are also asked to complete a survey. One per person. Thank you.

Do you attend Second Congregational Church? ___ regularly ___monthly ___occasionally ___no

Do you receive The Arrow in the mail? ___ yes ___ no, ___would like to receive it. If you would like to receive The Arrow, please fill out your name and mailing address below.

Name ___________________________ mailing address ____________________________________

Why do you enjoy The Arrow? Please number the below reasons 1 to 9 with 1 being the most and 9 the least.
___ Keeps me informed of church events and news    ___ Worship Schedule
___ Articles                                                                          ___ Birthday and anniversary dates
___ Congregational prayers                                              ___ Member news
___ Community News                                                        ___ Caboose Volunteer Schedule
___ Calendar of Events

Would you pay a small fee to subscribe to The Arrow? ___yes ___no Amount you would pay $_________

Have you ever been an Arrow patron? ____yes ___ no Interested ____yes ____ no

Name _____________________________ Phone # or email ________________________________

What would you like to see in The Arrow? Again, list in order of preference with 1 being most and 13 being least.

___United Church of Christ News
___Moderator Moments (thoughts/articles from the moderator)
___Highlights of Church Committee Minutes
___Pastor Page/Articles
___Kids Korner/Youth page/news
___Bible Study Verses/Bible Memory Verses/Daily Bible Readings
___ Hospitalizations/Rehab addresses Info. (with permission from individual)
___ More pictures
___ Face Book Page Information/Website page information
___ Message Board from people who live out of town/state/country
___Section on how people share their faith/faith experiences, stories
___ Information on how people in our church volunteer in and out of church
___ Music; lyrics from a special anthem; background info. on an anthem, introit
___ Other – list your ideas below about The Arrow.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please leave survey in box in back of Norman Room labeled “Survey” by October 14th.

Name (optional) _____________________________________________________

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