People have heard me say many times in the last two and a half years as moderator, “we have to look at ourselves with fresh eyes.” If you haven’t heard me say it, well, there it is. I’m always amazed at how I can see something over and over and then one day this idea pops into my head without warning. For me, those are the times when God is speaking and I’ve been smart enough to listen.

Recently, I experienced two of these ideas and one of them was confirmed by             another church member so I knew this was something that required me to straighten up and pay attention. The first occurred when Rev. Bruce spoke about the distance our Arrow travels when delivered to subscribers’ homes; different states for different reasons. When the next Arrow arrived at my house, I looked at it with “fresh eyes” from a variety of           perspectives. Here are some of the questions I asked myself. “Do our children and youth read the Arrow?” “Does it include information for people who do not attend church and hear the Sunday sermon or announcements?” “Does it include enough information about what our various committees are doing?” “What do people like about the Arrow and what would they like changed/added?” “Is the information bringing God’s word to those who read it?” “Would people like to have conference news? How can we use it to hear from our church friends and families who live beyond our community and state?” “Should there be a Pastor’s page/section?” “Should it contain a scripture verse for memorizing?” Finally, “are we making the most of it?”

The next Sunday, I was approached during Fellowship Hour by someone who must have been on my party line and heard God speaking to me. Now, I’m showing my age by mentioning party lines. Anyone else remember party lines? Sorry, I digress.             Rewind : she asked about the Arrow and if information about people who are hospitalized and their addresses could be included in it. I extend an invitation to each of you to critically look at The Arrow and see if it is hitting the bullseye. “Are we making the most of it?” I’d like to hear from you with suggestions. You can contact me at or 283-3059 or drop a note in the moderator box in the church house.

The second God is speaking to me moment. On Mother’s Day Sunday, Rhonda printed in color a basket filled with flowers on the back page of our Sunday bulletin. How excited I was to see color in our Sunday bulletin thanks to our new color copier provided through the efforts of Jessica Cole Biron. Again every Sunday bulletin has a full naked back page except for at the bottom. Are we making the most of it? At the last Executive Council meeting we discussed this briefly. Two suggestions were made to clothe this page. One is to encourage people to write notes (not the kind we use to pass in school when our teacher’s weren’t looking) on Bruce’s sermons or the scripture readings. The second was to include youth activities such as coloring, crossword puzzles, or word searches or include a daily schedule for Scripture readings for the week. “Are we making the most of it?”

Opportunities to spread God’s message of love, forgiveness and salvation abound in our daily lives, in our Arrow and on the back page of our Sunday bulletin. We need your ideas and suggestions. Shortly, Rev. Bruce, myself and Rhonda will be putting our own heads together and brainstorming ideas. Maybe a survey will be taken through the Arrow/church to help us gather information from a wider source of individuals. Whatever comes out of our brainstorming session and from your ideas, we’ll be sure we are making the most of it.



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