Statement of Giving

We at the Second Congregational Church of Palmer are blessed with members and supporters who can offer many levels of financial support as well as many non-monetary talents.

We recognize that our Church calls upon you for those resources frequently – your weekly offering, time in choir practice, teaching in Sunday School, the Annual Faith Promise Drive (to fund our budget and accounts), the Red Envelopes in the envelope packets for a number of  focused appeals, working in the Caboose Thrift Shop, the “Adopt an Envelope” project, special fundraising events and projects, committee and board meetings and duties, flower contributions, community clean-up efforts, occasional emergency needs (local and elsewhere), and many more. Also, Church members tell us about their personal non-church fundraising projects that are so dear to their hearts. Further, outside of our church community, everyone gets appeals for  donations of money and time, especially during holiday times. It truly seems that the list of  requests is endless… How can one person or family contribute to all these needs? Simply stated, you can’t.

As your Church, we ask only this: share of your resources as God calls you, donate the time you can free up from family and other demands, share your thoughtful ideas and suggestions, and find your own unique way of adding to the mission and ministry of Second Congregational Church. That is the best way to be faithful to your relationship with God and your church.

Please know that small or large, EVERY CONTRIBUTION HELPS. If your donation allows you to feel good about furthering the mission of our Church, then it is a GREAT donation, and you are a blessing as you have been blessed!