Conference Dues

Within your new pledge books for 2018, there is an envelope dated February 11th, entitled Conference and Association Dues. This donation is $20 per member that the UCC requests each year. Our congregation pays dues to the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, and to the local Hampden Association. These dues go in part to help churches be more effective through programs (such as Super Saturdays) and administrative support (as when we undertook a pastoral search in 2008). They also go toward maintaining our mission “infrastructure.” That means that we keep people and supplies ready to be available on short notice to respond to natural or other disasters like floods, fires, earthquakes, or other causes. Because we maintain this “infrastructure,” we can respond within the first critical hours rather than days or weeks. Please be generous in your support! If you don’t have a pledge book, you can leave your dues in the Sunday offering plate, clearly labeled with its purpose. Thank you!


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