Stewardship Sunday – October 29th

Dear Members and Friends of the Second Congregational Church,

Today in our Stewardship meeting, we spent some time talking about the church and what it means to us as individuals. We talked about what brings us here to worship; what sustains us, and what keeps us coming back week after week. We talked about the church as family, as home. We talked about how there was something about Sunday that provides a kind of centering, a base for starting out the week, and when we are unable to attend, it feels as if something is missing. We feel energized and supported here. Among friends here, we hold the church in common, and that binds us together.

We talked about the feeling that the Second Congregational Church is, for each of us, “my Church,” and how that feeling of ownership comes with a sense of responsibility. If the church is “mine” or “yours” or “ours” we must do our part to tend to it, to keep it functioning, to sustain it.   We take pride in and responsibility for the worldly things that we own – our homes, our automobiles, our pets, our gardens—and put forth the effort through time, talents, and our finances for those things for which we own and are responsible.

So too it is with the church. If we are to claim this church as “our church,” we must do our part to keep it running smoothly, to help provide for its spiritual nature and for the maintenance of its worldly parts. Your annual Faith and Promise Commitment is one way of taking responsibility for the care of your church, the Second Congregational Church of Palmer, Massachusetts.

Through the year you already do so many things to tend to the spiritual needs of this church. You come to worship. You sing God’s praises both in the pews and in the choir stall. You provide sustenance and fellowship through coffee hours and Lenten lunches. You take care of the church building. You pray for others and for yourself. You learn more about God’s work through Bible Study and though your actions as you perform needed   assistance to others, through food donations, through your work with the children of the congregation. You provide beauty through your flower donations and through the evolving candle table. You brighten our ears with your bell ringing. You greet others, and you           remember birthdays and anniversaries and send cards of encouragement and thanks. You sort music. You collect the offering on Sunday. You record the Sunday services for those who cannot attend. Please continue your wonderful commitment of doing God’s work.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider your Faith and Promise Commitment this year as another way of taking responsibility for the ownership of your church and to invest yourself in the church’s behalf. Our budgetary needs continue. We need your help to             sustain this church financially. Your Faith and Promise Commitment provides for the maintenance and heat for our building, provides the salaries of our minister, choir director, secretary, custodian and treasurer. We must pay our electric and snow removal bills. We must pay insurance. We must provide for Sunday School and for Missions to the wider world.

Very soon the Faith Promise packets for 2018 will be mailed out. Stewardship           Sunday is October 29th. The Second Congregational Church needs all of you, owners and caregivers and family of this church, to go forward with Jesus on a Journey of Generosity this year.

Yours through Christ,

Your Stewardship Committee