What’s the Buzz? Tell Me What’s a Happenin’

What’s the Buzz? Tell Me What’s a Happenin’
Beth Zelazo

Like the followers of Jesus in the musical, Jesus Christ, Superstar, some of you may be wondering “what’s the buzz?” at Second Congregational Church. Since March, during Sunday morning announcements, articles in the Arrow, and bulletin board displays, you’ve heard or seen the words “Spectrum of Faith” and “S.O.W.” These buzzwords or acronyms grew out of the mini-workshop we had with the Rev. Dr. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, which we called, “Spectrum of Faith.” Out of this came fresh ideas and a desire to be a vital and relevant church in the 21st century. The Executive Council has been discussing what God is calling Second Congregational Church to do and what our church might look like in the future.

To answer the second part of the title above, “Tell Me What’s a Happenin’,” let me begin with a review of the acronym S.O.W. They are the letters for the teams that were formed at the mini-workshop. The Spirituality group consists of Alice Davis (captain), Marsha Piepho and Barbara Larkin. Their charge is to enhance our spiritual lives in ways that include the broader community, and to promote our special services such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving within the community. The Outreach team, captained by Steve Dykstra, is a large group including members and non-members of our church. This group is focusing on events/activities that can transform lives and move beyond monetary charity by reaching outside of our church into the community. One of their first activities was to have a group of 14 people volunteer to assist with the summer meal program at the Palmer Public Library. It was quite a success, and we were greatly appreciated (and admired!) by the library staff. Other projects under consideration are a “Bystander Intervention” training, expanding the “Sharing the Nativity” that we did last Advent, and including spiritual messages in the take-out meals at Lenten Lunches. The Worship team is co-captained by Keith Hooton and Rev. Bruce. This group has been discussing ways for our worship to engage all our senses, be more participatory and more casual, and blend ancient and traditional styles with contemporary worship.

All of these groups will be at their best when they have everyone’s ideas and               participation. Their work is about being open to new ideas and experimentation with new practices, which is an approach I hope everyone will share in. God’s commission is for us to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Our future lies in our ability to do this beyond the walls of our church and to do so in ways that engage others who are searching for hope and a church home which welcomes and accepts them just as they are when they come through the doorway.

God has already gathered a strong base of people to be about this work. How is God calling YOU to participate? No amount of time, talent or treasure is too small. The right idea at the right time can be a gift from God! Let’s turn the “buzz” into a loud chorus of Alleluia!


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