Delicious Food for Thought!

A total of eleven of us stayed after coffee hour on Sunday to listen to what Rev. Don Remick had to share about churches that are vital in the 21st century (a TERRIFIC number in attendance, by the way!). As those of you in worship heard, Americans as a whole are very much as inclined toward God as we were 50 years ago. It’s just that with each passing year, fewer and fewer Americans are attending church. What makes churches vital today?

What Rev. Remick shared about successful organizations, including churches, is that they have a clear understanding of the “Why?” of what they do. There are many ways to ask the whole question: Why are we doing this? What is the purpose of our church? What is the core purpose of our church that is most life-giving? What is the “Why?” that makes everything else go? What is the core essence of who we are as God’s presence in Palmer? Why bother to come to Second Congregational Church?

Whatever we do in the name of church vitality will gain its spiritual energy from how we understand the “Why?” of Second Congregational.

What do you think is the “Why?” of Second Congregational?

Is it, “God loves everyone. No exceptions.” Is it, “God’s children of all ages have a home here.” Is it, “Church: It’s not what you think.” These are just a few thoughts off the top of my own head.

Please pray about this and give it some thought. Who are we as a church? Why do we matter right here and right now?

I would love to hear and share your ideas. Please write them on a piece of paper and hand them to me at worship, or just email them to me at: I would like to give credit for your ideas, but if you’d rather remain anonymous, let me know.

Grace and peace,

P.S. – If you would like copies of the handouts from Sunday, which include               scriptures and more, they will be available in the Norman Room.