Caboose Thrift Shop Volunteers – August 2016

Weekend Volunteers
7/29– Shirley Christensen and Carol Venne
7/30– Fran Ogren and Dawn Turner
8/5– Sue Bussell and Nancy Bauer
8/6-Barbara Hooton and Mary Burns
8/12– Fran Ogren and Carol Venne
8/13– Sue Bussell and Marion Deyo
8/19– Barbara Hooton and Shirley Christensen
8/20– Martha Willis and Joanne Turner-Chiacchia
8/26– Martha Willis and Barbara Larkin
8/27– Darcy Adshead and Jaye Thrift Shop Wed. Volunteers

Wednesday Volunteers
8/3-  Carol Venne and Jaye Cotter
8/10– Barbara Rhodes and Judy Hwalek
8/17– Barbara Rhodes and June Haendiges
8/24– Barbara Rhodes and Martha Willis
8/31– Barbara Rhodes and Martha Willis  Cotter