Worship Schedule – August 28, 2016

10:00 a.m.  LORD’S DAY WORSHIP
Scriptures:  Isaiah  11:1-10, Luke 1:39-56
Sermon:     “Christmas In August”
Nursery:  Darcy Adshead
Lay Reader:   Open
Greeters:   Ruth Outhuse
                       Fran Ogren
Peter and Cheryl Izyk
Ushers:   Janet Sullivan, Rhonda Kachinski, Denise DeCoteau, and John Carney
Flowers: The Flowers on the Altar are Given to the Glory of God and In Loving Memory Of  Ernest and Elinore Crandell and Henry and Albina Brouillette by Paul and Ginny Brouillette.
Coffee Hour:  Open
Lock Up:  Rick Adshead